Sunday, 10 April 2011

Lovely weather

Hi everyone

Wow what goregous weather we are having this weekend.

I have been so busy making sockmonkeys. I'm loving it and am getting quite a few orders :o)

I attended a Introd pain management programme day last week. I have mixed views on it. It was great to talk to other people in the same boat as myself and to realise that what I feel/think isn't wrong.
If I was able to attend the full programme I think it would have been worth it but seeing how they only hold it on 2 of the days which I work then I found the day could have been more helpful to someone who would beable to attend the programme.

The session where they explained pain was abit of a joke as we were all there due to suffering chronic pain and had already been through the system. Alot of people found that a waste of time also they seem to think that no-one works... their ideas may have been a huge help if I didn't work and could stop whatever I was doing at the drop of a hat and rest but unfortunately thats not how life works.

I have been given an appointment for a tens fitting which is fab as my accupunture as finished for the time being so I have taken several steps back on this battle to get my pain under control.

Things have been abit tough recently but we cope because we have no choice. I do find it abit of a piss take when other people seem to think they have the right to demand our time and also there are people out there who seem to enjoy laughing at other people misfortune. I do believe in Karma tho so they will get theirs one day. I don't feel it is acceptable to enjoy others misery it just shows what people are really like. 
I also find it unacceptable when people deliberately shit stir altho they know what trouble I have had with these people before. I try to keep myself to myself and just concentrate on my family & true friends but some people are determined to cause trouble. I guess they are just sad people with no real life of their own.I know I'm not the only person to experience this so too all of you going through the same thing keep your chin up and try not to let it get to you x

Ok rant over lol back to good stuff...
I have started my diet well rather just eating healthy and going back to the gym as soon as possible. I am at my biggest clotheswise and have a wardrobe full of clothes too small. I need to get back in these clothes lol 
I will keep you updated with my weight battle yyaayy

I have actually started baking scones too (not good for my diet) and they taste delish lol Need to get my ww books out for the cake recipes so I can do some low fat ones.

Well off to enjoy the sun whilst its here :o)
Take care everyone xxx