Sunday, 29 April 2012

I am very lucky xx

6 Days to go until I get married....eeekkkk

Still got a few things to do due to only coming out of hospital on friday. I have been ill & off for quite some time. Marv has looked after us all bless him. He came to the hospital nearly everyday mainly twice a day to see me & bring the kids etc.

They haven't stopped my seizures yet but I am remaining hopeful that they will. Its been quite an emotional time for me. I have been off work for some time then managed to go back for a week before ending up in hospital for over a week. I know that I have to take my time & not rush back this time. Even I have accepted that I may not be able to go back for quiite some time.

whilst in hospital I had time to reflect on what is important and whats not in my life. I saw a lovely lady deteriorate over the week. Alltho she was unable to move herself she called for the nurses when I had a seizure & looked after me. I had the opportunity to say goodbye to this lady before her family took her home for the remaining time she had left. I cried when she went. Another patients son was coming in each day just before meal times to make sure his mum got food she liked and the fed her, freeing up the nursing staff which they were grateful for. His mum has terminal cancer and I know that knowing you are going to lose your Mum is heartbreaking. He had been looking after her at home but the latest events left her in hospital & he had to face up to the fact that she will not be going home again. Even tho he was going through hell he was cheerful and helped other patients if they needed something eg they dropped something, needed food cutting up. He was another person who called the nurses for me when I was unable. He really is a lovely man. We had a good giggle along with another patient and was coming up with songs for my wedding including shaking stevens, All shook up, hippy hippy shake etc. It lifted our spirits and we became glad to see him arrive altho it was seeing Marv & my girls that made me smile the most. Everytime they left I wanted to cry. 

To see people going through different things but still helping each other makes you realise that there are some lovely genuine people out there. Its something we tend to forget these days.

On our wedding day not only shall I be thinking how lucky I am to be getting married but how lucky I am to know such lovely people.  know I am very lucky to have Marv & my gorgeous girls along with family & friends.  I may not be completely healthy but there are alot of people worse off than me. 

I am truely thankful for what I have got. Marvin I love you so much and marrying you means so much to me, I am avery lucky lady to have you. To my gorgeous girls I love you more than you will ever know. My family & friends, I love you all too and even tho we may not speak or see each other all the time you are always in my heart.

Thats it for now. Take care xxxxx