Thursday, 7 June 2012

this & that

The past week as been so tough for me. Not only have I had to deal with my seizures several times a day but I have had to face upto some demons from a long time ago. The hospital thinks my seizures could be caused by stress so I'm now having therapy I guess. The first session opened up alot of things that have happened in my life. I hate thinking of myself as a victim so when the Doctor says to me you have been through an awful lot I replied with haven't we all. I've now started keeping a diary of my thoughts and it is helping. By dealing with these issues it can only make my life better and maybe help my depression. I think most things happen for a reason and I guess I wouldn't be the person I am now if I hadnt been through all this stuff. I look back on my life and yes I have had some terrible times but I've also had some fantastic times too.

Had a lovely but quick chat with my cuz Lisa this morning. She was amazed at some stuff I told her but as always is supportive of me. Just her giving me a hug n saying I love you lifted my spirits so thanks Lisa loves ya xx

Well I'm still off work due to the seizures or as hubby calls them "shakes". It does get me down but also we are all so used to it now that even the kids dont bat an eyelid. Due to how severe some are I do tend to sleep alot after the bad ones so my sleep pattern is all over the place. Some days I'm up at 3am and do you know how shit tv is then???  Really if the stuff they sell on these shows is so good why isnt it sold during the day??? thats because you have to be nearly asleep to be tempted to buy the stuff lol. On the plus side I am cracking on with my cross stitch project. I'm really enjoying it to be honest. I even managed to make 2 sock monkeys this week. 

 I've already got my next cross stitch project lined up. Hopefully the next one wont take as long as this one. I've been doing this one for about 2 yrs hee hee 

Well thats enough for one day I think, dont wanna bore ya silly. 

Please feel free to comment on my blogs as feed back will help me develop the way I write.
Bye for now xxxxxxxx