Friday, 16 March 2012

how I feel...

How I Feel???

Well firstly I need to get you upto speed on things.

We get married in May. Got my dress & bridesmaid dresses altho 2 need to be altered. Most things are sorted but there are still so much to do!!!!!
I'm excited but also slightly stressed. Hen Nite is sorted due to my fab friends.

So I should feel on top of the world??? 

2 weeks ago my partner had to ring for an ambulance for me as i was in so much pain and had facial droop. I was admitted to A & E where the staff were so busy there was a queue to get seen. To my surprise I was told my friend Deb was one of the wonderful staff whom looked after me. I was admitted to the ward where they were able to give me more pain relief. After alot of doctors & nurses the diagnosis I have I been given is hemiplegic migraine. Once home I spent nearly a week constantly sleeping, unable to speak properly not eating or barely drinking. After a change to my meds I'm now picking up but havent had a day where I havent collapsed so far.
I have to thank Marv so much for looking after me and our girls.

So How am I feeling ......
Scared of Marv getting fed up of me, anxious about what happens next, excited because I am marrying the man who I love, Mainly I feel drained & like I'm letting everyone down. I know my family and friends are there for me but i wish I wasn't like this.

I love my Family and would be lost without them.

I don't want a perfect world but a few days of feeling great would be lovely ..........