Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Nearly Christmas - what a year

Wow its nearly christmas..... 

The year has gone so fast. I can't believe its over a year since my stroke. So much has changed this year. I've gone from working full-time to not being able to work at all. Also there have been alot of other problems going on which have had to be dealt with. My husband and children have had to adapt along with me due to my health and its not been plain sailing I can tell you lol. 

The children have dealt with everything so well. I am so proud of them. It must be scary for them to witness their mum having a seizure but they comfort me and stay with me making sure I am safe. I am blessed with amazing children. My husband has also been amazing. Our married life hasn't been what you would expect for the first few months lol hardly the honeymoon period of dreams yet together we have battled through it. We are far from me being healthy or either of us being able to go out and earn our fortune but we are so lucky. We have each other, our beautiful children & loving family so what more can you ask for???

I have to say I fell ssssoooo lucky when it came to in-laws (not just saying that in case they see this lol) they are so supportive & loving. My mum-in-law Ruth also has health problems which has brought us closer together I think because we understand how the other person feels. My dad-in-law Steve is like Marv can't do enough to help. My dad & I have become closer as well over the year and he even tells me he loves me all the time which is something he never used to do.

I look back on the year & how much has happened and I can see that my outlook on life has changed so much. No longer is arguing over such petty things important, neither is being there for fair weather friends. True friends shine through the clouds and those are the ones who you should be there for. 

We have lost friends & family over the year to illnesses and saying goodbye hurts so much yet life goes on. You do the best you can & be there for each other.

We may not have the perfect life but we are happy and all the money in the world can not buy you true happiness. 

Who knows what the next year will bring but as long as I have my family & friends around me I know we can get through anything life throws at us.

Thats it for now so back to stitching & christmas films for me :-)