Monday, 29 April 2013

Past year

Past year

So much as happened within the last year or so its madness. Its nearly a year ago since I married my wonderful husband & over a year since I became ill. My health has got worse over the year to the point where I spend alot of time in my wheelchair. BUT at least I'm still here.

Marv has been amazing and become my full time carer. its meant he has had to give up so much to look after me. We have both lost our social lifes but we have each other. I know its sounds all mushy but its true. At 3am when I am in pain or had a fit and need medication its Marv who will get up and fetch it for me. Hes the one who cuddles to when I'm sobbing in pain etc. My girls are amazing too they all know what to do when I have a seizure & when I knock myself out due to the fall. They will fetch anything I need and do the best they can for me. I have a truly amazing family.

I seem to have lost friends along the way. I know I dont go out anymore or can really go visiting very easily. Most of the friends that used to text, go out drinking with me, etc have drifted away. I am not saying this in a nasty way at all because they must think shes not gonna come out anyway so no point asking, or she has enough to deal with so I cant ring her. 
In fact having someone ring me to talk to me about their life is a great thing for me because it makes me feel like I'm still part of their lives. People can visit me altho sometimes I'm not upto the visit so maybe it might have to be rearranged.

After being in home all the time seeing someone else is really nice for me. Some days I am upto going out for lunch but I can not confirm it a week before. A text the night before or that day is the best way for me. I know its not always the best thing for everyone. I am not feeling sorry for myself I just want people to know I am still me. My health condition may change what I can do but I am still the same person inside.

Today was the funeral for Anne Williams. For anyone who doesnt know her she was an amazing woman who fought to get justice for the 96 victims of the Hillsborough disaster. Her son was amongst those who died. She fought with such spirit and passion even after developing cancer. I never met her personally but she is an inspiration. God bless her xx

We support the campaign "justice for the 96" in anyway we can. Marv nearly went to that match but for some reason or other he wasn't able to go, for which I am truly thankful for. 

well thats enough for today. After reading everything that as flowed out on this blog it shows how much we all have to be grateful for.
We all act in ways that hurt each other at times but its never too late to change & try not to behave in such a way.