Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Juice Plus Programme

3 weeks ago I joined the Juice Plus programme and made a commitment to the plan for 4 months. I lost 5 lbs in the first 2 weeks and stayed the same on week 3. I got my hubby to take my measurements and am planning on remeasuring myself on week 4 to see if I have lost any inches. I have a pair of jeans that are a tiny bit looser. My husband is on the programme and lost weight too. I was abit disappointed that I hadn't lost weight on week 3 but my rep & good friend tells me its not a sprint but a marathon. I have to give it the whole 4 months to see what happens. 
I have started the ab & squat challenges to try and tone up. I'm on day 4 and keeping motivated is hard due to my health. I am still having my seizures daily. A week ago I had a seizure on the stairs and ended up falling from the top step to the bottom. I ended up being rushed to hospital on the spinal board & blocks. I had scans and x-rays before they could take the collar and blocks off. I actually had more bruises from where they tried to take blood than the actual fall. I was told I was lucky I was out of it because it made my body relaxed so no breaks happened. 
We are having a downstairs bedroom build due to my health needs. Its in progress but I'm wishing it was already done already. Hopefully it will help keep me out of hospital in the future.
I am hoping these seizures will stop so I can return to work. I am currently studying different courses to keep my brain active and hopefully help me get a new job when the time comes.  
Lets see what happens in the future... I hope it brings me good things & a good weight loss. I hope to lose 6 stone eventually