Saturday, 5 November 2011

Been a while

Well its been a while since I last wrote on here. So here goes.....

As alot of you know I had a stroke about a month ago. The CT scan showed a blood clot on my brain and I have had a MRI scan which I am waiting for the results. It was awful for both me and my family. Fortunately I wasn't in hospital for long but it feels like I missed the whole of October. I am trying to take things slowly and get my life back to some kind of normality. I'm also still undergoing tests for other health conditions. I feel like my body is just falling to bits so to speak lol. I managed to go back work yesterday which was great but I then slept for the rest of the day & most of the evening.

Enough of the illness talk...

I am going slimming world to try and shift some of this flab. I have lost half a stone so far but have come to a stand still so need a kick up the butt. I want to get back in the gym and get my fitness levels up again. I also want to start jogging but that will need a VERY good sports bra ha ha ha ha

I started christmas shopping this week... why are teenagers so difficult to buy for??? I have a few ideas but it was so easier when they were little. I can't wait to get the xmas decs up and make the front room all cosy :0)  

Its the weekend yyaayyy but I havent got anything planned except spending time with my beautiful family. I''m currently acting like a teenager and chillin in my bedroom :o) I've got the movie channel on in peace & quiet..... bliss

thats it for now take care all xxx

Monday, 25 July 2011

ups and downs

Hi everyone

Its been a rollercoaster ride recently regarding my health. 

I recently had food posioning and was admitted to hospital where they kept me in for 4 days. The plus side I lost about 10 pounds in weight the bad side it left me in an awful lot of pain. I was sent home with liquid morphine on top of my regular medication. After being discharged I had to go to see my gp who sent me for a ultra sound scan. You forget how uncomfortable these are lol desperate for the toilet I was wriggling round the chair in the waiting room thinking any minute there will be a puddle lol. They were very thorough even did an internal scan which was awful. There was a plus side tho, they let me go toilet first which made the whole thing alot easier lol. Then came the waiting for the results...... I hate waiting for results.
The results was not what I had expected. I thought it was going to be gall stones but the answer I got was Polycystic Ovaries. Now the waiting begins yet again....... well not as bad as it seems. As I am writing this my appointment as arrived and I'm being seen in August so very pleased with that. Now to see what happens next.

I did have some good news on the health front. The pain management clinic have decided I am able to control the pain as much as poss so have discharged me. I can go back to them if I need to but they said it would be better for me to get on with my life rather than keep going there to which I couldnt agree more.

We had a lovely weekend away. We went to a place called Heacham. It was fab even tho most of the weekend was spent getting soaked due to our beautiful summer weather lol. We did manage to make it to the beach on 2 of the days so that was fab. We visited Hunstanton and Cromer. We must have walked miles but enjoyed every minute of it. I wasn't well on the sat nite and ended up going bed early but it couldn't be helped.
Yasmin entertained us most of the weekend hee hee she had won a football on the first day and everyone teased her all weekend with it pmsl even video'ed her sulking and chasing Keanna and put it on facebook hee hee. We let the girls go off for alot of the time and spend their pocket money which they enjoyed. 
Whilst on the beach on the sunday morning I discovered Kite Surfing. Its mad. Me and Charlie stood there for ages watching these guys surfing. They did stunts and made it all look so easy. I had never seen or heard of it before. Then we seen the Kite Surfing competition in Hunstanton. I could have stayed and watched them all day. 

Its my last week off work, back to it next monday. I may have some fab news about work soon but not saying anything on here yet lol

Yasmin turned 16 last friday which made me feel very old lol. She is going college in september. I also have no kids left in primary school now as Keanna moves up to New college in september. Theres going to be alot of changes in septamber in this house lol 

Well its my birthday in a few weeks so hoping to be well enough to go out and celebrate in style. Out this weekend as a practice run so we will see lol. The outfit will depend on whether I am having a preggers day or not as you can see from the pics. No idea why this is happening but its everytime I eat something. With me who knows what else is wrong its easier to say whats not wrong with me these days pmsl

Anyway thats enough from me, Marv says its sounds like I've been writing war and peace ha ha ha ha 

Take care all

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Some of my sockmonkeys

Here are some of my sockmonkeys. I'm loving making these monkeys and am always trying to make each one different.

I've been having abit of a shit time recently and making these monkeys help me switch off and escape. I am trying to build up some stock and also make different types.

If anyone wants to place an order then feel free to contact me

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Photos from yesterday


Sunday is a chill out day and thats exactly what I have done so far ;o)
I have the joys of ironing to do later but have been excused the torture of the gym due to my back playing up.. every cloud - silver lining and all that pmsl

Had a fab day yesterday. Took Keanna to have her feet nibbled by the fishes. She was all excited about it. Got there she waited nicely, then when it was her turn she let the lady check n wash her feet. THEN she put her feet in the water and the fish all swam to have a nibble..... that was when her feet came out of the water quicker than you could say shark!!!! pmsl
All you could get out of her was "I didnt like it" lol no tears just "I didn't like it" ha ha ha bless her. I told her its ok and at least she tried. We did tease her a little tho lol.
She was all smiles when she got her strawberries from the market. 

We went to see my best mates daughter dance at a fete in the afternoon. The weather was lovely and there was quite a few stalls there. Me and Keanna had Henna tattoos. I have become quite attached to mine and have even considered it becoming permament much to Marvs dismay lol.

We got to sit in a fire engine and the back of a police van. We did get abit worried about how at ease the kids looked in the police van lol .

Ellie danced brill and I think she has improved so much. Her confidence has grown so much. We watched her dancing at both time slots. I love seeing her dance.

Peppa pig made an appearance for all the kids. The kids had their pics took with Peppa then of course me and Claire had to have ours took too lol . 
The police seemed to take a dislike to Peppa (at our encouragement) and arrested her pmsl
They couldn't get her in the back of the van tho due to the size of the outfit ha ha ha Did take pics tho 
Its ok Kids the policeman was only playing and Peppa was released without harm or being charged pmsl.

OOhHH AND I got a Robbie Williams book for £1... yep £1 and yes I have already licked the cover ha ha ha ha

We popped round to our friends daughters birthday bbq last nite but I was so cold that we didn't stay long. It asnt helped my back but I am resting with my tens machine on.
The eggs were freshly laid yesterday from a friends chickens. MMMMM lovely Thanks Paul oh and Claire for taking me there lol 

Well thats ya lot for now apart from if you haven't check my facebook page out for my sockmonkeys then please do so its
I am aiming to do my first give away when I reach 200 likers.

I take orders and have a few sock monkeys in stock so please contact me if interested

Thats it for now cya laters xxx

Sunday, 8 May 2011

gym sessions

Well I'm on my way to becoming a gym bunny....well after I lose about 5 stone pmsl.... Started going 3 times a week and loving it. I enjoy the buzz I get from working out and also enjoy the amusement from the "Gym Buffs" you know who I mean... yes those guys who have muscles like Arnie. I thinks its great they can look after their bodies so well but why do they feel the need to make such weird noises hee hee puffing and panting ...yes....but screaching??? NNNOOOO pmsl 
I find it so funny watching them pose in front of the mirror. Not the ones who are making sure they are positioning themselves correctly to ensure they are doing right but the ones who walk up and down then stop to pose before strutting around again ..... reminds me of a peacock showing off ha ha ha ha

On a more serious note I am getting fitter and am losing a few pounds. I know through hard work and healthy eating I will lose the weight. My TENS machine is amazing. It helps me manage to do so much more. I couldn't have managed the gym before and now i can do between 40 -  55 mins cardio then weights after. I wear it for 12 hours daily and I still take my meds. It feels amazing to be so independant again after such a long time.

My driving lessons with Mr O are coming on great. I have been practising for my theory on my i phone app. Not doing too bad with it and really need to book in for my test. I'm hoping to have passed the whole thing by the end of the year. I can't wait to get my car its gonna be fab.

My sock monkeys have really become popular. I'm taking quite a few orders now and have over 160 likers on my f/book page so far. I have even had to have the bedroom rearranged so I can get to my cupboard to store all my stuff hee hee. The bedroom is now my workroom too (no dirty thoughts there please pmsl).

I'm still waiting to win the lottery so I can go shopping, holidaying and drinking all the time lol 
I think most people dream of what they would do if they won... what would you do first?????
Me??? Holiday for sure so I can lay on a beautiful beach with the sea lapping at my toes deciding what to spend the money on hee hee dreaming is so great and plus its free pmsl

Anyway back to the real world now lol 

I am after an answer to a very difficult question........ why does monday come around so quickly hee hee 

Well I'm off to dream a little bit more and do that sunday exciting thing.... yep get the uniforms & my work clothes ready hee hee 

Be good and if you can't then enjoy it lol xxxxxxx

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Lovely weather

Hi everyone

Wow what goregous weather we are having this weekend.

I have been so busy making sockmonkeys. I'm loving it and am getting quite a few orders :o)

I attended a Introd pain management programme day last week. I have mixed views on it. It was great to talk to other people in the same boat as myself and to realise that what I feel/think isn't wrong.
If I was able to attend the full programme I think it would have been worth it but seeing how they only hold it on 2 of the days which I work then I found the day could have been more helpful to someone who would beable to attend the programme.

The session where they explained pain was abit of a joke as we were all there due to suffering chronic pain and had already been through the system. Alot of people found that a waste of time also they seem to think that no-one works... their ideas may have been a huge help if I didn't work and could stop whatever I was doing at the drop of a hat and rest but unfortunately thats not how life works.

I have been given an appointment for a tens fitting which is fab as my accupunture as finished for the time being so I have taken several steps back on this battle to get my pain under control.

Things have been abit tough recently but we cope because we have no choice. I do find it abit of a piss take when other people seem to think they have the right to demand our time and also there are people out there who seem to enjoy laughing at other people misfortune. I do believe in Karma tho so they will get theirs one day. I don't feel it is acceptable to enjoy others misery it just shows what people are really like. 
I also find it unacceptable when people deliberately shit stir altho they know what trouble I have had with these people before. I try to keep myself to myself and just concentrate on my family & true friends but some people are determined to cause trouble. I guess they are just sad people with no real life of their own.I know I'm not the only person to experience this so too all of you going through the same thing keep your chin up and try not to let it get to you x

Ok rant over lol back to good stuff...
I have started my diet well rather just eating healthy and going back to the gym as soon as possible. I am at my biggest clotheswise and have a wardrobe full of clothes too small. I need to get back in these clothes lol 
I will keep you updated with my weight battle yyaayy

I have actually started baking scones too (not good for my diet) and they taste delish lol Need to get my ww books out for the cake recipes so I can do some low fat ones.

Well off to enjoy the sun whilst its here :o)
Take care everyone xxx

Sunday, 27 February 2011

hey everyone

Hey everyone

Its been a while since I have done my blog. So heres an update..

I'm still working and enjoying it ,most days anyway, I have signed up for the gym again after getting the say so from the hospital. I have been told I have the early changes to my knees caused by arthritis but have to just see what happens.
I'm having accupuncture for my back which is fab and helping reduce the pain levels. I'm also booked in for pain management programme. I have to attend an induction day first so fingers crossed with that.
I've also had 1 session of colonic irrigation which was fab. It get rids of the build up in the colon and helps you feel better in yourself.

Well away from my health time is going so fast at the minute. We get married next year and havent sorted anything out yet. Mind you I need to lose weight before that arrives lol
Went to my friends 40th party last weekend and had such a fab time. It was what I needed.

OOHHH I have made my first sock monkey and loved it so there will be more to come there lol well it keeps me out of trouble for a while hee hee

Take care everyone and dont be afraid to comment on my blogs as I would love to hear from you all 

Saturday, 22 January 2011

blog time

Hi everyone

It was a good weigh in this week. I lost 2 lbs yyyyaaayyyy its a start altho I have a long way to go. 

Works fab, still enjoying it due to the fab people there. Unfortunately Marv's back on the job hunt again. Hes trying so hard bless him I just hope something comes along soon.

We've finally started making a start on the wedding arrangements. I'm currently looking for a photographer and wedding & bridesmaids dresses. Need to decide on a colour scheme. 
Going to try to get all of the family involved in the arrangements so no-one feels left out. Still got a while before panicking as to set in so alls well lol 

Back at hospital at the beginning of feb so we'll see what they want to put me through next lol

I need to get back into exercising so me and Charlie are going to start tomorrow on the wii ha ha ha gonna need an oxygen tank for me lol

Marvs started getting me cooking more and from scratch lol no-ones been poorly yet so cant be doing too badly lol

Well thats it for now Take Care xxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year

Happy New Year to you all

This is  my first blog of the year. I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas.

I had a wonderful christmas with my family. Its been a quiet one but I couldnt have asked for anything more. I had wonderful pressies and most of all I had my kiddies& fella with me. I saw the new year in with Keanna and Marv coz the big uns were at their dads which felt abit strange to be honest.

My pain levels haven't been too bad thankfully. I've been able to enjoy it even tho I haven't drank anywhere near as much as normal lol 

I've got plans for this year. Its a case out out with the old n in with the new regarding alot in my life. 18 months until I get married and lots of weight to lose. I am going to lose weight and get my fitness levels up so I can be more mobile and able to deal with the pain.

I'm going to be more positive and not let things get me down so much. 

No more am I gonna let so called friends take me for a fool. True friends are there for you regardless. I know who my friends are and I love you guys. 

Alot of things have happened in the past but thats where they belong and thats where they will stay. I'm looking forward to what the new year brings me. 

Life is for the living and thats what I'm planning on doing xxxxx