Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New year New Plans

Happy New Year Everyone

This year I hope is going to be kinder for us all after a mixed emotional 2012. We have plans for this year and are going to make them happen.

I am still experiencing seizures which my neurologist can no longer help me with although he has referred me to Queens Medical Hospital to another neurologist who has an interest in my condition. Unfortunately due to the mix of my conditions it as resulted in me having to use a wheelchair quite alot and my crutches daily.

I'm on a mission to lose weight this year too due to the risk of me having another stroke is very high. I also need to lose it so I can have treatment for one of my conditions. I'm taking it one day at a time & not putting too much pressure on myself.

This week we will have an indication of what our plans will include or not. 

 Marv bless him is my carer as well as my husband. I love him to bits and can't thank him enough for what he does for me. I know I have given him a few scares lol. I also scare myself too.
He picks me up whenever I fall, wipes my tears away whenever I cry and ultimately puts up with 
my snoring hee hee. We have had so many trips to hospital its unreal. The latest was friday when I had a few seizures and it left me with no feeling or strength on my right side. I had facial droop, visual impairment and was unable to speak. I was terrified I was that I was having a stroke. The paramedic was there within 2 mins of NHS Direct saying someone would be coming. He checked me over and agreed that I needed checking out at the hospital. I took a trip to A & E via an ambulance. We were waiting for approx a hour & half to be seen in which time I slept for a hour. When I woke I was starting to feel alot better and once the doctor reassured me it was down to my condition I was discharged. I was so glad I wasn't admitted because I know I would've been kept in over the weekend. It was lovely to be home in my own bed :-) It took til sunday for me to feel better and restore full feeling & strength. I did as I was told and rested. It also gave me time to finish my Mother in laws present. It was meant to be for christmas but with being poorly I didnt finish in time. She finally recieved it Sunday evening lol.

I stitched this for her. It was enjoyable altho the beading was a pain in the backside lol. Worth the effort tho. I also stitched a present for my father in law.

This took time to start to show progress. There was soooo many shades of grey in this. Once the backstitch was done I was so proud of it. I was even tempted to keep it lol. We knew my father in law would love it. He was so pleased to receive it. Its lovely when people appreciate just how much hard work goes into these projects :-)

I received a lovely surprise on saturday from my friend Wendy.

I wasn't expecting this at all. Her words in the card brought tears to my eyes. I have already started the kit :-) I will post pics when I have finished altho after stitching on 14 aida stitching one on a 18 count is very different lol. I love it so will keep stitching :-)

Thats it for now. Take care everyone xx