Sunday, 13 May 2012

Married life

WOW ... our wedding day was so amazing. It went so fast but it was such good fun. We enjoyed it immensely. Our family and friends helped make the day so special.
We can't thank everyone enough for all their help & support. It is lovely to know there are such amazing people around us. The bridesmaids looked beautiful & did an amazing job, the bestman (whom I met for the first time that day) looked very smart and the Groom..... totally gorgeous!!! I am so proud to call him my husband.

The planning of the wedding wasn't smooth running due to me being in hospital until the week before. I am suffering from seizures. Despite numerous tests we still do no know the cause of them. The seizures do not last long but are happening upto 20 times a day. I did however manage to hide them on our wedding day except from when Claire decided to climb over the toilet wall when she realised I was fitting hee hee. The seizures will not harm my brain according to the doctors but I do not always get a warning enabling me to go somewhere safe. I have discovered that Morrisons & Makro floors are very cold :-) I have to laugh or I shall cry and I have done enough of that.

Marv & I had a lovely night in a hotel called The Barcelo. This was a gift from my niece, Claire. The bed was massive & the shower was fab (easily pleased me). We had a lovely meal and enjoyed a bottle of champagne whilst Marv was swearing at the tv because a dog won Britians got talent ha ha ha ha

So now we are home and back to reality. Marv is watching F1 (which don't tell him but I am starting to enjoy), Yasmin is out, Charlie is in her room (as per usual) and Keanna is at her dads so I am enjoying the chance to do this without anyone whinging lol. I might even do the ironing soon .... ooohhh I know how to have fun ha ha ha

I am going to get my slimming world books out this week and try to restart that whilst not at work. Going to have Donna kick me ass lol. I would like to beable to go back to the gym & to go swimming but I am unable at the moment due to the seizures.  I can't wait til they are sorted so I can restart my driving lessons as well. My fridays aren't the same without Phils tales. 

In the meantime I will enjoy my time at home with my Husband & kids.  I am lucky to have such a fantastic family whom look after me.

So is married life good???? NO its FANTASTIC and I am loving it...............
Marv thank you for putting up with me and remember I LOVE YOU xxx


  1. Your pics are lovely Jane, you all look so happy! :) Glad you had a lovely day, you deserve it after all you have been through/are going through xx