Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

wwwooohhhoooo its christmas eve already. I can't believe how quick this year as gone. 
Its our second christmas together and sssooo looking forward to it. 

I've been awake since 6.20ish after having a good nites sleep thanks to Diazapam. I was in so much pain I couldn't cope anymore so popped one of my pills and slept great. The pain isn't too bad at the moment either but its normally worse in the evening after being on the go all day. It does help when I do my impression of Bambi on Ice lol went down like a sack of spuds lol I was lucky my taxi stopped when he did because my leg went under the car so it could've been a different story. 

Marv had a close call too after having a blowout on Beggars lane on Weds in that snow. He made it work and got it sorted but I'm just grateful he wasn't hurt.

All pressies have been got and anything I've forgot then tough lol Just got beer shopping to do today and visit my Mum. Wish she was here to share christmas with us but thats one christmas wish I wont get. I know shes here in my heart so thats the best thing that I can cling too. 

I've got a few extra bits to wrap up today so need to get that done then chill out n start celebrating lol 

I'm hoping its going to be a good one and hopefully the new year will be a better one for us all.

Merry christmas everyone & I hope we all have a fantastic new year xxxxxxxxxxxx

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