Saturday, 18 December 2010

run up to xmas

Well its not long til christmas, I hope you are all ready for it.
Me??? well not quite but I will be soon. Just a few bits to sort and wrapping to do then the partying can start.

I'm so happy that I get 2 weeks off for christmas yyyiiipppeeee alot different from last year.
I'm hoping that this will be a wonderful christmas with family and friends. I'm hoping everyone will have a great christmas and that we get to spend time with both family and good friends. 

After a very difficult year I'm praying for next year to be a good year for us. I know my health will be the same but maybe I will be able to deal with it more positively. I know when I feel sorry for myself I have got friends who will kick my butt lol and this I love them for xx

In regards to my health the MRI results came back. Not too bad to be honest. My compressed disc is now slightly prolapsed too so now I have 2 prolapsed discs and a compressed one.
I have to see my GP for my other problems as these are not being caused directly by my back. So its the whole referral process again but heyho they might finally sort me out lol

I'm planning on getting back to the gym after christmas to work on my fitness and hopefully shedding a few stone lol 

well thats it for now but be sure to keep an eye out for my next blog and please feel free to leave your comments as they help me alot xxxxxxxxx

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