Saturday, 22 January 2011

blog time

Hi everyone

It was a good weigh in this week. I lost 2 lbs yyyyaaayyyy its a start altho I have a long way to go. 

Works fab, still enjoying it due to the fab people there. Unfortunately Marv's back on the job hunt again. Hes trying so hard bless him I just hope something comes along soon.

We've finally started making a start on the wedding arrangements. I'm currently looking for a photographer and wedding & bridesmaids dresses. Need to decide on a colour scheme. 
Going to try to get all of the family involved in the arrangements so no-one feels left out. Still got a while before panicking as to set in so alls well lol 

Back at hospital at the beginning of feb so we'll see what they want to put me through next lol

I need to get back into exercising so me and Charlie are going to start tomorrow on the wii ha ha ha gonna need an oxygen tank for me lol

Marvs started getting me cooking more and from scratch lol no-ones been poorly yet so cant be doing too badly lol

Well thats it for now Take Care xxxxxxxxxxx

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