Sunday, 27 February 2011

hey everyone

Hey everyone

Its been a while since I have done my blog. So heres an update..

I'm still working and enjoying it ,most days anyway, I have signed up for the gym again after getting the say so from the hospital. I have been told I have the early changes to my knees caused by arthritis but have to just see what happens.
I'm having accupuncture for my back which is fab and helping reduce the pain levels. I'm also booked in for pain management programme. I have to attend an induction day first so fingers crossed with that.
I've also had 1 session of colonic irrigation which was fab. It get rids of the build up in the colon and helps you feel better in yourself.

Well away from my health time is going so fast at the minute. We get married next year and havent sorted anything out yet. Mind you I need to lose weight before that arrives lol
Went to my friends 40th party last weekend and had such a fab time. It was what I needed.

OOHHH I have made my first sock monkey and loved it so there will be more to come there lol well it keeps me out of trouble for a while hee hee

Take care everyone and dont be afraid to comment on my blogs as I would love to hear from you all 

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