Sunday, 8 May 2011

gym sessions

Well I'm on my way to becoming a gym bunny....well after I lose about 5 stone pmsl.... Started going 3 times a week and loving it. I enjoy the buzz I get from working out and also enjoy the amusement from the "Gym Buffs" you know who I mean... yes those guys who have muscles like Arnie. I thinks its great they can look after their bodies so well but why do they feel the need to make such weird noises hee hee puffing and panting ...yes....but screaching??? NNNOOOO pmsl 
I find it so funny watching them pose in front of the mirror. Not the ones who are making sure they are positioning themselves correctly to ensure they are doing right but the ones who walk up and down then stop to pose before strutting around again ..... reminds me of a peacock showing off ha ha ha ha

On a more serious note I am getting fitter and am losing a few pounds. I know through hard work and healthy eating I will lose the weight. My TENS machine is amazing. It helps me manage to do so much more. I couldn't have managed the gym before and now i can do between 40 -  55 mins cardio then weights after. I wear it for 12 hours daily and I still take my meds. It feels amazing to be so independant again after such a long time.

My driving lessons with Mr O are coming on great. I have been practising for my theory on my i phone app. Not doing too bad with it and really need to book in for my test. I'm hoping to have passed the whole thing by the end of the year. I can't wait to get my car its gonna be fab.

My sock monkeys have really become popular. I'm taking quite a few orders now and have over 160 likers on my f/book page so far. I have even had to have the bedroom rearranged so I can get to my cupboard to store all my stuff hee hee. The bedroom is now my workroom too (no dirty thoughts there please pmsl).

I'm still waiting to win the lottery so I can go shopping, holidaying and drinking all the time lol 
I think most people dream of what they would do if they won... what would you do first?????
Me??? Holiday for sure so I can lay on a beautiful beach with the sea lapping at my toes deciding what to spend the money on hee hee dreaming is so great and plus its free pmsl

Anyway back to the real world now lol 

I am after an answer to a very difficult question........ why does monday come around so quickly hee hee 

Well I'm off to dream a little bit more and do that sunday exciting thing.... yep get the uniforms & my work clothes ready hee hee 

Be good and if you can't then enjoy it lol xxxxxxx

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