Sunday, 22 May 2011


Sunday is a chill out day and thats exactly what I have done so far ;o)
I have the joys of ironing to do later but have been excused the torture of the gym due to my back playing up.. every cloud - silver lining and all that pmsl

Had a fab day yesterday. Took Keanna to have her feet nibbled by the fishes. She was all excited about it. Got there she waited nicely, then when it was her turn she let the lady check n wash her feet. THEN she put her feet in the water and the fish all swam to have a nibble..... that was when her feet came out of the water quicker than you could say shark!!!! pmsl
All you could get out of her was "I didnt like it" lol no tears just "I didn't like it" ha ha ha bless her. I told her its ok and at least she tried. We did tease her a little tho lol.
She was all smiles when she got her strawberries from the market. 

We went to see my best mates daughter dance at a fete in the afternoon. The weather was lovely and there was quite a few stalls there. Me and Keanna had Henna tattoos. I have become quite attached to mine and have even considered it becoming permament much to Marvs dismay lol.

We got to sit in a fire engine and the back of a police van. We did get abit worried about how at ease the kids looked in the police van lol .

Ellie danced brill and I think she has improved so much. Her confidence has grown so much. We watched her dancing at both time slots. I love seeing her dance.

Peppa pig made an appearance for all the kids. The kids had their pics took with Peppa then of course me and Claire had to have ours took too lol . 
The police seemed to take a dislike to Peppa (at our encouragement) and arrested her pmsl
They couldn't get her in the back of the van tho due to the size of the outfit ha ha ha Did take pics tho 
Its ok Kids the policeman was only playing and Peppa was released without harm or being charged pmsl.

OOhHH AND I got a Robbie Williams book for £1... yep £1 and yes I have already licked the cover ha ha ha ha

We popped round to our friends daughters birthday bbq last nite but I was so cold that we didn't stay long. It asnt helped my back but I am resting with my tens machine on.
The eggs were freshly laid yesterday from a friends chickens. MMMMM lovely Thanks Paul oh and Claire for taking me there lol 

Well thats ya lot for now apart from if you haven't check my facebook page out for my sockmonkeys then please do so its
I am aiming to do my first give away when I reach 200 likers.

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Thats it for now cya laters xxx

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