Sunday, 7 November 2010

Bonfire nite

Bonfire Nite

Wow we had a great bonfire nite. We went to a display with the whole family. The fireworks were wonderful and then we let chinese lanterns off. The kids loved them.

As normal I have the pleasure and pain problem... pleasure watching fireworks with the family.... pain last nite and today.... its always the same. I managed without any crutches or the wheelchair which I was so chuffed about but prob should've used them. I want to beable to enjoy my life without pain but I know thats not going to happen. I guess its a case of getting a balance. 

Things aren't great for me mentally at the minute. I am feeling very down & fat. I finally told Marv how I felt yesterday. I know I will get there in the end but its a hard fight. I just wish I could be "normal" whatever that is ha ha ha... Well I have to get on with things regardless. I'm so lucky to have Marv and my girls because they are what keeps me fighting on.

I've done the ironing today whilst Marvs been decorating. I finally finished it all and couldn't move afterwards. Poor Marvs still got loads to do before its done.

Still living upstairs whilst the decorating is going on. Its gonna look wonderful when its done. We have even started thinking about the kitchen next lol. I have been chilling watching tv for a while. Got super nanny on now and it makes my kids look angels lol. I can't believe how these kids on tv behave... omg I'd wanna kill em lol

Its not long til christmas and I have soooo much shopping to do... I have managed to start but am way behind. I would have liked to be nearly done by now but heyho it will get done on time as always lol.

Well thats it for now I guess. take Care  xx

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