Saturday, 27 November 2010

decorating, driving & life

Hi all

Well its been a while since I did my blog.

We are still decorating. Front room is nearly finished as is the hallway. The kitchen is coming on a treat. We have got a lovely range cooker & a dishwasher so things will be easier in there soon. Marv's doing a wonderful job.

I restarted my driving lessons with my old instructor Phil. Hes lovely and the lesson was fantastic. It was like being in the car with an old friend. Can't wait til next weeks lesson.

I had my MRI scan this week. I managed to stay calm this time unlike the first one I had. I sobbed my socks off that first scan. This time I just concentrated on my breathing. At least its done and now I have to wait for the results in 2 weeks time.

I've got mixed hopes for the results. Part of me wants them to find something has got worse to explain the reason for my symptoms but the other half of me wants it to come back the same as before with no further problems. 

I just want to get sorted out and start living my life to the max. I hate being restricted. Its affecting all parts of my life now. I'm going to have to get stair-rail on the wall to help me. 
The snow is lovely but it affects me badly. I have been in an awful lot of pain today to the point I was crying in the car. We were meant to be going out tonite but I can't manage to go anywhere. It does bring me down but hey it could be worse... at least I can walk.

Well christmas is creeping up on us and I still haven't finished my pressie shopping. Need to get it all done soon coz its driving me nuts. The decs will be up next weekend then maybe I will feel more christmassy. 

I do wonder about some people whom think its ok to let people down whenever they feel like it. Can they really be so selfish??? its shocking

Off to watch X-factor.... omg Wagner pmsl
why would you vote for him??? its like someones sleazy uncle at a wedding pmsl 

well I gonna go and laugh at him some more lol

Take care everyone and feel free to comment or just say hello 


  1. glad the decorating is coming on nicely,nothing like a change of decor and some new things to make u feel a little better,lets hope it gives u some sparkle back with everythin thats been going on with u this year,
    ive not even started crimbo shopping yet,so u one up on me there :) tbh ive no idea what 2 get the rugrats,connor only interested in clothes now n building a custom bmx oh did i say he was building it,i mean his dad,typical kids lol which is costing a bloody fortune,no doubt he'll finish it n then some scum will nick off with it hahahaha

    glad you've started ya driving again,will give u that bit of independance when ya pass,keep at it this time!!! lol then marv will be panicking u b nicking his car heheheeh,n u can leave him in the car then while u go off 4 a natter heheh

    well another sat nite in,blargh any1 think im ready for me pension pmsl,then again we can sit here n think of all the girls fallin arse over tit in their heels 2nite in town alcohol n ice aint gonna b a good combo,so we probs in the best place :) we should try n get out b4 crimbo,even if its just 4 a meal or summin,i not bin out for ages,i know u get pissed off at not being able to do the things u used to,and i hope u get good news with ur latest test results

    enjoy wagner i know he gets u all hot under the collar pmsl xx

  2. pmsl nah u fancy Wagner pmsl

    I'm abit stuck with what to get my lot to be honest. Not even got a clue what to get as Keannas main pressie yet.

    Defo need to go out before xmas babes it will be lovely to catch up over a few glasses of wine lol. U'll all have to come round ours over xmas n get trashed n sing on the wii hee hee

    I am still struggling to walk very far so abit restricted with that part of my life so can't wait til I can get my own car even tho it will cost me a bomb lol