Friday, 5 November 2010

decorating and bits & bobs

We are living upstairs at the minute. Its not as good as it sounds trust me lol.
We are decorating well Marvs doing most of it altho I did spend wednesday glossing the hallway. I really enjoyed it but the usual thing happened and I was in so much pain that I couldn't move by the evening.Its difficult not being able to help. I want to enjoy painting etc but I can't because the outcome is too painful.I have to admit I am excited about how its going to look as we have got a new fire to put in as well. Its lovely and its remote controlled yyyaaayyyy lol.

With the pain in mind I was a good girl when I went asda with my best mate, Claire and her son Bailey. I used one of those electric scooters. I thought I did fab seeing as I only crashed 4 times ha ha ha ha. I nearly took a corner display out too lol. When I first started it up I couldn't steer it to save my life. Claire was giving me directions in between laughing her head off at me lol.

The only down side was once I got on the scooter I seemed to become invisiable. People walked in front of me, into me or just stopped in front of me. I was getting quite pissed off. Next time I'm gonna crash into them, then they will bloody move lol.

I have treated myself to a new cook book. Its the 30 minute meals by Jamie Oliver. Nice and quick dinners are always a good thing to me lol. There are quite a few recipes I want to try once I get the kitchen back lol.

I didn't get on very well with slimming world so struggling to lose weight now. I am tempted to go back weight watchers but I don't stay to meetings so begrudge paying to be weighed. It will be so much easier when I can do some exercise on a regular basis. I hate being this big. Its no good for me mentally or physically but I guess its something I need to get my head round and pretty quick too else I'll be even bigger. 

I heard from Occy health today. I have to ring them on monday to speak to the relevant person but hopefully I will get my full assessment and get some more help. I could do with a few more bits to help make my life easier around the house. Mind you it will be good to hear about my referral. It was meant to be urgent but I won't hold my breath lol. My body just seems to be getting worse and I can't do anything about it. As long as I don't lose my marbles.... ooooppppssss abit late for that hee hee. 

I guess thats it for now but hopefully next time the decorating will be done so might have some piccies 
Thanks for reading. Have a lovely weekend and take care xxx



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