Monday, 17 September 2012

new start today....

WOW after a turbulant weekend (which I will not discuss here) I have decided today is a fresh start for me. I have apologised to a few people for being a bitch in the past. I have also weighed myself ready for getting focused on a healthier me.

I am already feeling happier by making that decision but now for the hard work. I need to get my butt back on the slimming world plan. I have to lose weight before going hospital & ready for a very important evening. I don't want to rent a tent for the nite lol. I am limited on going out due to my seizures but want to start exercising at home. I am going to get my slimming world books out and go through them again to help me focus.

Poor hubby as got man flu so is my personal snot monkey lol love you really babes hee hee. I have been looking after him like a good wifey :-).Hopefully he will be better soon bless him.

I am going to get moving on my cross stitch project as its been neglected recently. I have a pile of new & started projects to do. I would love to work in a cross stitch shop but wouldn't have any wages left at the end of the month lol.

I actually tried making cakes last week!!! I have been known to make scones but never cakes. I tried my hand at icing them for the first time too. I am going to try and make some more this week and see what creations I can make. If they turn out like the last lot they won't last long ;-)

Have got a few things happening this week one of which is going to decide whether I can go back to work or not. I think I already know whats going to happen but trying to keep an open mind :-) The electrician will decide this whether my house needs rewiring completely or just upgrading. OOOhhhH the fun of the mess but at least it  gives me an excuse to look at redecorating :-)

I just have to mention that a friend of mine made my day today. we don't see each other often but talk on facebook and know the other is there for them. She reminded me today just how lucky I am to have friends like her. Thanks Sally xxxx

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