Thursday, 30 August 2012

First day back at school

Kids first day back at school today. Its been weird without them being around. However we had Yasmin for about an hour after she had been shopping, came home complained about how much clothes cost & then got all excited because her laptop had arrived. 
She is very grown up about money now she is earning & paying for her own things. Its a good thing but so funny to watch :-)

I made sure the kids were ready for school this morning then sat on the bed talking to Yasmin and got her to paint my nails. I then had a fit on the poor girl. Its a good job shes used to it by now. She handled the situation fantastically like always. She held my head so I didnt bang it and held my hand whilst I was coming round. I ended up back in bed and sleeping til nearly 1.30pm. I do think this is due to having a bad day fit wise yesterday. 

The girls have come back from school with Keanna telling me she had an awesome day :-) Charlie however said it was just a day at school ha ha ha can't win em all. 
They looked so smart today in their uniform, very grown up. 

I'm still waiting to hear from work regarding my assessment but they are on hols this week. I just want it all sorting now. DLA are also dragging their heels as well, its ok for them but this is my life. I'm not going to let it get me down as this week as I have been feeling alot more positive. 

On a happier note its Keannas birthday on saturday & altho I wont be with her all day we will celebrate her birthday when she is back as well as her birthday morning. I cant believe shes going to be a teenager!!!! How old do I feel hee hee .....

Whilst writing this I have been watching Coyote Ugly. We have now got sky and there is a difference in the picture from Virgin media. Meanwhile during the film there has been the odd comment about how certain people cant act or sing my a fella of course pmsl 
Do you suffer the same whilst watching tv? It does make me laugh tho pmsl

Right thats it for now please feel free to give me feedback 
take care xxx

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