Monday, 27 August 2012

happy to have found support

OMG I am so happy to have found a support group/website for Non Epileptic attack disorder. I have been reading the website and it describes my condition so well. I feel more comfortable with it now. It doesnt change anything but its nice to know I'm not the only person with this disorder plus that it proves these attacks are real.

My family & true friends have never doubted my seizures but many nurses and doctors have made me feel like I was putting it on. The first time I was given the opportunity to see a Shrink I nearly turned it down because I thought they were for mad people but thats not true. 

I also found a group for the Hemiplegic Migraines I suffer. Its been great to read about other peoples experiences and they way they cope.

I know I am lucky to have such a wonderful support network around me. I just feel so lucky to have found these groups too :-)

I have also helped make a rhubarb crumble and my very first Lasagne :-)

Today is a good day (so far) & I just had to share this with you all
I am happy happy happy xxx

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