Friday, 31 August 2012

In bed chilling

Wow well I managed to go shopping without having a panic attack which is fab :-) shame I had a seizure :-(
There was a few lovely people who asked if I was ok & it was sweet of them but I was so embarrassed. This is why I get anxious about going out. I know I should forget about other people n let them deal with it but I feel bad for making others feel uncomfortable.

I've felt quite crap to be honest today & have ended up in bed since shopping. I've rested, watched tv & done some stitching (For all you non stitchers I find it so relaxing).
I do wonder if these seizures will stop or will I be shaking a old granny??? Lol be fun on the dance floor I guess lol seriously I try not to think about the future regarding my health if I can help it & just take one day at a time :-)

Throughout my health problems I have found out who my real friends are. There as been some "friends" that haven't even bothered with me since the seizures started but they are not important it's the ones who do really care that are but some people have hurt me a lot. I guess it's a thing we all do... Be there for others but when the tables are turned find out that they are not there for you!!! To my true friends
Thank you for being there for me :-)

It's only 1 hr 36 mins to go til my baby's birthday well it's not until 5.27 pm to be exact lol not a baby now she will be 13!!!! Another teenager in the house!!!
She's grown into a lovely young lady. She surprised me this evening when she found me on the bathroom floor having a seizure. She said she moved my head because I was hitting on the bath n then sat there holding my hand until I can out of it again. She didn't panic or cry. I'm so proud of her. All my girls handle my seizures amazing but then they have had no choice really bless em.

Tv has been good tonite so far miranda the flynns, mrs browns boys and now Dara O Briain :-) love a good giggle it is a plus side of being in bed coz downstairs the fella are stressing over the transfer market.... Bloody football Pmsl

Oh yeah before I forget I can't believe card shops are already full of Xmas cards!!!! It's bloody August!!!!! The scary thing is I was tempted to pick some up Pmsl I think that's what set my seizure off ha ha ha that's my story & I'm sticking to it lol

Well good nite take care

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