Friday, 17 September 2010

highs & lows

Highs & lows of moving on with your life are very strange.

As I have told you I have a new job wwwwoooohhhoooo BUT this means giving in my notice and leaving my friends. And YES I will miss the boss up to a point. 

I have become very close to my friends at work and some of the customers. Its really sad knowing I won't be seeing them all so often.. My friends and I have said we will make sure we keep in contact and I will make sure that happens. I had a visit from one of them on weds evening. Suze and her family came round and I loved it. It was a lovely time. Harvey had us all laughing along with James and Suze is just so sweet and gorgeous. 

I'm very excited about starting my new job but I did attend the assessment stage for Next, mainly for the experience but also just to see if they offer me the job lol. Well I start my new job tues so I'm very excited but also nervous as it a whole new world to me. I have never worked in a office so I'm looking forward to learning lots of new things as well as putting my existing skills to work.

I have occy health coming out today to bring the stuff to help me within the house. Its going to be nice to be able to shower or have a bath safely on my own. 

Also this week Michelle had her Baby yyyyyeeeaaaahhhhhh but everyone had a shock because we was all expecting a gorgeous little girl but a gorgeous little boy arrived lol Mum & baby are both doing well and are very happy regardless. He's healthy and thats what counts. So a big congratulations go out to chelle and her family xxx

Unfortunately my sis has been admitted to hospital so we are now worrying about her. I can't get to her at the moment but hoping to see her soon. Get well sis I love you xxx

On the health side... I'm still in alot of pain but abit more mobile now thankfully. The change in my meds seem to be taking affect now. I have had to rearrange my accupunture (can't spell) as it fell on tuesdays so now its weds but not til feb as this year is fully booked. When they said that I thought omg theres not long til that dreaded word.... CHRISTMAS lol so now got to think about chrissy pressies. Have got ideas of what I want to get the girls so its just the stocking fillers to think about really. 

I went to the RANGE the other day with my best friend Claire. WOW what a shop OMG there is sssoooo much craft stuff there. I also seen a gorgeous chair which would be perfect for me but costs £500 hee hee got as much hope of getting that as I have of getting the £398 pair of boots I have seen pmsl

well folks I hope you are enjoying my blogs and not getting too bored lol