Sunday, 26 September 2010

sunday bliss

SSunday bliss

Had a lovely day so far.... kids have gone into town shopping and we have popped Next staff shop and then come home n had lunch.

I have been sorting out the clothes that don't fit me :o( there are alot of those. I have put on ssssoooo much weight since my relapse. I really need to lose the weight. The plan is to go slimming world tuesday as I didn't manage to get there last week with the kids audtion being on the same nite. As a goal I have got a pair of FireTrap jeans. Lets hope its not too long before I get into them lol

I had my hair done yesterday. Its now black/brown with flashes of red. I love it. The colour will only last a few weeks so it gives me the chance to keep changing colors :o) I have been feeling awful within myself so it cheered me up but not the Bank Manager lol

Its not all been fun as we had to tax the car.... what a rip off that is...
Mind you its going to be even more expensive when I finally learn how to drive lol

My health is getting better slowly. I think I am ready to go without the crutches for short walks ie around the house etc. The pain is still there but more manageable. Saying that I didn't feel up to going out last nite and fell asleep on the sofa after watching Simply Red. What an amazing show that was. I enjoyed it so much and even had abit of a sing along to it lol 

Well I'm going to chill and also get a jumper coz its FREEZING lol I think winter is def on its way.
Take care everyone xx


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