Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A shock & a kick up the butt

WWow what a shock and a kick up the butt I got last nite. 

I went slimming world for the first time last nite and I knew I had put weight on but flipping hell didn't realise how much. I'm surprised the scales didn't shout "one at a time please" pmsl

I was gutted. Got in the car and cried. Marv bless him took me for a drive then to the sunbed to cheer me up. I got home and read the books, so today is the first day of being good. 

Lets hope I can do this because I hate being this big, yes I know its due to being in the wheelchair etc but it doesn't make things any easier. 

I'm hoping that being off my crutches at the minute will help me lose some of this blubber. I just hope that I don't relapsed again else I'll be the size of 2 buses insted of one hee hee. I'm determine to lose the weight because I don't want anyone throwing water over me when I'm on the beach next year whilst shouting save the whale pmsl. You have to laugh else you will cry.

Works great but I do miss my friends from the chemist. Went to see them yesterday and it seems very strange not working there. 

Well time to play nursemaid to marv coz hes got "manflu" lol 

More from me soon.
Thanks for reading xxx

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