Monday, 13 September 2010

wow my second blog in one day

wow my second blog in one day :o)

I am really proud of myself. I have managed to make myself a cup of tea and take it in the front room using my wheelchair. I also brought the spuds in the front room peeled them and then took them in the kitchen added water and put on the hob wwwwwoooooohhhhoooo

I know to many people this will sound boring, sad etc but to someone who hasn't been able to do much for themselves this is a big deal and proves that they are not totally useless.

Even with a little spud water on me I am still VERY pleased with myself :o)

I have also joined a forum for chronic pain to beable to talk to other suffers. It helps you to feel not so alone in things. Yes I have great support at home from my wonderful hubby to be and my girls but no matter how much they try to understand the pain they won't understand it completely.

The nearest description I can give is this..... think of the worse toothache or the worse pain you have ever had.... then imagine it being there most of the time... yes some days it reduces to a dull ache but other days just moving the smallest bit makes you cry or at least want to cry.

You tend to start to get used to the pain but it is still there and affects you mental well being as well as the physical side of thing. 

As this blog goes on I hope to not only share the downs of this problem but the highs too. Don't get too bored with me as I hope to get better at this and share some laughs

Bye til next time Jane xx


  1. So sorry to hear about your pains hun xx

  2. i always knew you been poorly hun but never realised how much you were suffering your very lucky to have a wonderful partner and kids keep smiling hun and i will be following these blogs stay strong love donna x

  3. thank you so much for your comments.
    Its been like this before but then got easier but this last relapse is the worse so far xxx