Friday, 17 September 2010

todays a strange day

Well today is a strange day.

I had my delivery from occy health. I am now the proud owner (well borrower lol) of a swivell bath chair, a small chair for in front of the bathsink and a bed lever. WWWOOOOOHHHHOOOO lol joking apart I am grateful for these things as they will help makes things easier for me. 
Anything that helps me is great as it will hopefully help reduce the pain as I won't be putting so much strain on my back.
It does make you think tho and face the truth. I do need extra help so I need to learn to ask for it before things are too bad in the future. I guess its a learning curve, not just for me tho but for others.I hate it when people stare when I'm in my wheelchair or out on my crutches. I know I am prob guilty of doing the same thing. When you are in that position you see things in a different way. 

I had a taxi home from Next yesterday, cost me bloody £10 lol, anyway the driver was lovely and chatty. By the time I got home we both knew how many kids the other one had, their ages, parents names, about our dads etc etc isn't lovely to beable to get on so well with a complete stranger. He made me laugh as he got the whole "crutches" thing out the way first by asking me straight out what I had done. I liked that instead of trying not to notice n making a big deal out of it. It was nice to be talked to "normally" without the aaww ahhhs that I normally get. I know people mean well but its not what I either want or need.

Anyway enough of the serious boring stuff the good news of the day is my Sis is being discharged for the weekend, got to see what happens on monday to see what needs to be done next for her. I love you sis xx

The photos of Chelles baby are online now and he is beautiful, can't wait to have a cuddle with him xx

Can't wait still I'm more mobile because its so boring not being able to do things. I even miss housework.... Yes you heard I miss housework lol. Never thought I'd be saying that lol. Don't worry I'm sure the feeling will pass hee hee.

Thats all for now folks, but thanks for reading my blogs xx

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