Sunday, 19 September 2010

Who knew doing everyday things could be so hard....

Yesterday I decided to do the ironing. Got Yaz to bring the ironing board to the sofa, fetch the iron and also the clothes. She got 3 chairs and put them around the ironing board so I could put the ironed clothes on them. Sounds ideal doesn't it.... ironing whilst sitting on the sofa listening to music... the way I always used to wish I could do it.

Well ideal is not the word I would use, practical but not ideal. now I wish I could stand and do the ironing. I did take on one hell of a job because there was 2 large piles of clothes on the chairs in the kitchen. Anyone who knows me will know I don't do the ironing until there is a mountain of it lol.

I made a start on it at about 11.45am and finally finished around 5pm. It hurt like mad and I couldn't move afterwards but I DID IT yyyyaaaayyyy. Its such a normal thing but I was so happy I found a way of doing it within my restrictions. Not the brightest idea of doing the whole lot but once I started I wanted to finish it. I was in so much pain afterwards that I had to take Oxynorm and Diazipam. Well the rest of the evening is a blur lol. I slept through the the pain but not before rewarding myself with Pizza mmmmm. We was meant to be going to a party but couldn't so was sorry about that. I really couldn't cope with it tho so had no choice really. Its times like that when I get quite frustrated.

Marv has been working overtime this week so had to work all weekend. He got off early today finishing at 1pish. I was so happy to see him and he gave me a huge kiss then turned his attention to the tv and yes you guessed it put the footie on lol. Well at least it means I get to stay on the laptop for longer and hes being quiet... well until he argues with the ref lol.

Yesterday I also used my new bath chair. WOW I could get into the bath so easy with not half as much pain, it was great. I was able to shower by myself. I LOVED it. It amazing how something so simple can make such a difference. 

Well there are no kids at home at the moment. Big uns have gone cinema and Kc is at her dads until tonite. Its nice but strange not having them around. Theres no arguing, no sounds of music banging through the ceiling and no Mmmmmuuummmm. So I have a few hours of peace N quiet aaawwww.

The holiday planning is about to start. We are going with some very good friends. We have sat and talked about where we would like to go and what we want to do so its all systems go and the kids get the final vote....heaven help us lol. We had to cancel our holiday for this year due to circumstances to its nice to have something to look forward to. Altho the year after is when we get married so more planning and saving needed lol . 

As sad as it sounds we have started going up the local working mans club. I always said I wouldn't go up there but its local and easy for me to get around. I can go there in my wheelchair and not have to worry. People are already starting to recognise us and talk to us. I'm aware of how it can be there so I don't tell people my business which sounds weird as its all in here anyway lol 

I start my new job on tuesday so am abit worried how it will go and how my health will be. Hoping to go without my crutches as I will be sitting most of the time but we'll see.

Anyway thats it for now catch you all soon xx

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