Tuesday, 14 September 2010

wow wow wow

After a awful start to the day the silver lining of the clouds started to show. A previous job vacancy which I had been turned down for became available due to events and the company rang me and offered me the job OMG 
I hadn't given them a second thought after being turned down so to say it was a shock is an understatement.

Whilst feeling over the moon after the call Next Directory rang and interviewed me for a customer services job!!! I've got to wait for the outcome of that but OMG wasn't expecting it.

Occy health came this afternoon and did a quick assessment. They are going to provide me with some bits to make my life easier. Also I am going to have a full assessment to see if I can have adjustments made so I can get in & out of the house myself. I am feeling so happy that things are coming together and my life might start getting abit easier for me. 

I also managed to make toast earlier & bring it in the front room. All this is the start of my independence

It might be raining outside but the sun is shining in my world :o)

lets hope things stay on the up folks xxx

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  1. I now have the job of writing my notice and leaving some great friends xxx