Sunday, 3 October 2010

Surprise trip n crap sales assistants

Surprise Trip & Crap Sales Assistants

 Friday I was informed that we were going to watch Notts County play Sheff Weds on sat afternoon. Marv had won tickets from Heart FM. Ok I wasn't overly excited at first but it was a afternoon out with 2 of the kids for a nice change. Normally Yasmin & Chloe are kind of left to their own devices whilst Charlie & Keanna are at dancing. So the plan was to take them with us to watch the footie. 

We had a stroll around Notts which was fun but tiring for me. Yaz and I got a bracelet each from Jane Norman, plus I got a blue scarf. We liked The Victoria Centre even tho Next didn't have my boots there either. We then got a taxi back to the footie ground. The girls were wide eyed as we went in and sat watching it fill up. The crowd banter was amusing for us all. I got quite into the match which was shocking lol. Yaz got abit wet by the guy sitting behind us, he split his coffee over her and wasn't gonna say anything. Well he didn't have a choice when I turned to rub Yaz's coat and gave him such a evil look. He then said Sorry and put his head down. Me being the quiet person that I am then explained VERY loudly to Yaz that had she been a man he would have jump up striaght the way to say sorry, then called him an INBRED!!!! pmsl

Once the match had finished we trailed back to the car which was parked quite close to the ground hee hee it was funny watching everyone walking the long trek back to their cars lol. Anyway, I got in the car and slumped....all the walking and those huge steps in the footie ground had took its toll. Pills were took and once we were at home I went off to bed. After a few hours sleep I felt better but still in quite abit of pain. 

This morning we decided to go Fosse park. Again we attempted to get my boots but yet again they were not in stock. I was told I could order them online but there was no guarantee they would have any either so I admitted defeat and got some different ones. After that we went argos for a new bathroom cabinet. OMG the tarrific was terrible, we thought there must be a sale on over pc world side but after getting through there was no sign of any sale to cause the traffic. Must be everyones pay weekend lol.
A trip to tesco was needed so off we went. Whilst there we decided to go and look at getting Grumpy a TV. So off we went and stood looking at all the TVs. Waiting round for 20 mins before deciding to find a sales assistant. Asked at the counter and was told she would send one..... 10 mins later we gave up and started to leave... until I seen a very grumpy looking fella in a tesco workers suit. I asked him if he was working in the tv department. It seems he had been sent over to us so I explained how we had been waiting for ages and the response was ...yeah? so I said are you going to do us a deal then..... on what?...... on what???? the bloody tv we have been waiting to buy for nearly 30 mins... Well depends which one you want..... on that note we gave up and left. Paid for our shopping downstairs and complained to the something or other manager. She asked us what we wanted her to do, she was lovely I might add, well we replied with kick his arse, punch him and sack him..... do you think we gave her enough choice lol He deserved to be sacked after his performance... he made Homer Simpson look intelligent lol 

SSSooooo we still need to get Grumpy I mean Marv a new TV lol so the search continues....

Weigh in on Tuesday...ooohhhh buggar was being so good til sat then we had a subway n then a pie at footie lol Kids had Pizza last nite and I said NNNOOOO :o) until this morning when there was one left on the side in the box.....I gave in and had one slice :o( ......on the plus side did only have one not the whole pizza lol 

Have a good sunday evening folks 

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