Saturday, 23 October 2010

cccoooolllddd bbbbrrr

Its so cold bbbbrrrrr

All the summer clothes have been put away n all the woolies put to the front of the wardrobe lol 

Well I am having my usual problem.... going out tonite and what do I wear??? As most of you know since my relapse I have put on alot of weight so not feeling too confident. I'm sure I won't give a shit after a few drinks :o)

This week as been a battle in more ways than one. Firstly my back & my knees have been hurting an awful lot. One knee is swollen so not sure whats happening there. Secondly I have been subjected to shit stirring again. I have deleted one person off facebook as he admitted what he had done but I have also deleted a second person due to her being named and me not wanting to go through it again so if neither are on my facebook then neither can be accused of shit stirring via that.

Facebook is meant to be abit of fun where you can catch up with family and friends, old school friends, work mates etc..... so why on earth do some people take joy in causing problems for others through it. I know we all have a rant but really why would you go out of your way to cause trouble??? I can't understand it. 

I'm no longer going to take any notice of what crap people want to say. I was very close to letting them win and deleting my blog but why should I when its helping me in many ways.  Its kind of sad that their lives are so boring thats what they have to restort to...

Going to a joint 40th birthday party tonite. I'm hoping they like their pressie. Its going to be nice to see people from work in a more relaxed mood. 

WWWOOOOHHHOOOO we going to start decorating tomoz. Got lots to do before we can even start painting. I am so excited, the front room as been the same for years, pre-divorce, so it will be a new look for us. We have chosen it together so it will be our front room if you know what I mean. The hallway is next along with the kitchen having a lick of paint then on to the girls rooms.

I'm hoping I can get involved in the actual decorating altho I do know I'm limited in what I can do. Anyway thats it for now. Please leave your comments for me so I can get some feedback on how you think its going.

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