Saturday, 16 October 2010

not a good few days

Not been a good few days healthwise

In quite alot of pain. I spent all last nite and evening in bed and most of this afternoon. I'm currently propped up by a pillow and to be honest not doing so well. Its times like this it drives me mad.

I even turned down abit of retail therapy this afternoon so you know its bad lol. Tonite will consist of a dvd and lots of rest and well tomoz maybe more of the same. Need to be better for work on monday coz I'm not stopping here whilst kids are off school pmsl

I invested in some bakeware wear and a craftbook for this week to keep em busy. They have cake making recipe books so along with the crafts they will be kept busy (lets hope)

Well its only a quick one as not feeling very chatty right now
Take care chat soon xxx

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