Thursday, 7 October 2010

sasha pamper treat

AAAWWW Sasha had her pamper session today. Hair cut, nails clipped, washed and fussed. 
She loved it. She looks so different now and sssooooo FAT lol 
I haven't been able to clip her fur for ages due to my back so she was very very furry. Well not now lol gonna have to get her a coat now ha ha ha

Pics are below bless her but she looks fab and so she should do it cost more than a hair cut for me ha ha ha

My back been playing up again but still no crutches yyyyaaayyyy. I'm trying to look after myself with regards to eating and moving around. I'm trying to be more active without making things worse, its difficult but I have to do it. Due to the medication I'm on I have to take lactulose... ooohhhh when that kicks in I know about it lol you need to stay clear when it works believe me pmsl

I have to admit to being pissed off with some so called friends. I have not had any support from them but its different when they need a shoulder to cry on. I'm beginning to think sod em but it is upsetting when I think of everything I've done for them and how far back we go. If its not about them then they don't want to know. The problem is they think I will always be there even tho they have been slagging me, Marv and my choice of engagement ring off. I think I'm a good friend and deserve to be treated better than that. 

The school rang me today and I put in an offical complaint in regards of the way my daughter was treated when there was the fire at the school. After hearing all the procedure this procedure that he finally realised I wasn't going to give up. I explained my point about how the staff treated her and hes going to ring me tomorrow with an update of how the complaint is being treated. 
When it comes to my kids I won't give up. Charlie was really poorly after being around the smoke and I don't want it to happen again. YYAAAYYY watch me go lol I wonder why the school knows me??? lol Telling a child with asthma when struggling to cope with it???? I think NOT silly cow. It makes you wonder what kind of person she is.....

On the plus side I have seen the scan piccie of my very good friends baby aaawwww sssooo sweet. can't wait to meet bump. I've already seen a few things I want to buy lol 


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