Sunday, 24 October 2010

sunday relaxation lol

Sunday relaxation... I wish lol
We went out last nite and was up nice and early. We went and got our laminate flooring, paint etc and also found a fab bargain. Got a carpet for the stairs and hallway at a great price. I'm gettin very excited about the decorating. I have painted a patch of the new colours to see what we think and its a def YES lol. Its going to look amazing. We looked at some doors and some of them were over £200!!!! with my lot??? I don't think so lol

Kids decided they want to swap bedrooms so that as been going on all afternoon. What a mess... I have left them to it after being told off for moving stuff around. I've had orders to rest so thought I would nick the laptop for half hour.

My back is pretty bad today. I should really have used my crutches as when we was out I nearly fell twice due to the pain. The pain shooting down my legs is doing my head in, just wish it would stop for a while at least. This is the price I have to pay for going out and having a little boogie. Worth it??? not too sure lol. 

At least I didn't drink enough to get a hang over lol. I'm hoping the birthday pair didn't have too much of a hangover this morning hee hee. We got them some Champers and some candles. There was written instructions saying they could only open the champers when they were alone and the candles were lit. Its just nice to have time for each other and that itself is sometimes the best pressie you can have.

I just keep remembering how lucky I am being able to move at all and that I have an amazing family. We might not be rich but we all love each other and that is worth more than any amount of money.
I love my life and think my health issues make me a stronger person mentally. I have some amazing friends and I love them to bits.

Well I can't hear any screams so the kids aren't killing each other or Marv hee hee. Its going to be a few days before upstairs is in any sort of order.

YYYYYYAAAAAAYYYYYY kids are back at school tomorrow so that means me & my bitach can be ladies who do lunch again lol.

Take care everyone and remember a smile can brighten up the dullest day :o)

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