Thursday, 14 October 2010

gets me so mad GGGGGRRRRRRR

GGGRRRRR Why is being a good parent so difficult for some people?????

I'm so fed up of my girls being let down. If its not one its another. SO SO SO FED UP WITH IT!!!!!!

I hate having to watch my girls crying when they are let down time after time. The thing is they will get strong enough to walk away and I can't wait for that day!!!

I spent the day with a very good friend of mine. We have both been put through some shit recently had over the past 2 days we have had a good giggle & heart to heart. She really is a true friend.
Talking of friends, today I finally got to speak to a lovely lady whom I've been "talking" to through facebook. Unfortunately it had to be cut short due to events as mentioned above. It was lovely to finally chat and I hope that we will continue to get on well and meet up for that coffee and natter soon. I might even let Marv buy us a cake too lol.

Had to take the new tv back today :o( it kept freezing. We have downsized to a 40 inch Samsung now. Fingers crossed this one will be ok.

We really need to start xmas shopping because time is going so fast. It will be xmas before we know it. I can't wait til we put the tree up and then it will be nice and cosy. 

Well take care everyone xx

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  1. i signed in first this time so hopefully it wont lose the comment this time pmsl,i was 2 lazy to type it out again lmao.
    im writing this with a peg on me nose as the cat just left me a nice deposit in the poo tray blarghhhhhh hehehehe,

    xmas,omg i aint even thought bout that yet,i may go join the jovos as an excuse to be scrooge n not buy pressys this yr hahaha,prob is as they get older it gets more n more difficult 2 find something they not already got,and it gets more bloody expensive!!!
    id much prefer 2 go on hols instead hehehe

    u always get ya tree up early missus lmao mine was 2 wks b4 last yr hahaha im always disorganised.

    hows the new tv going,bet marv was disapointed in losing a few inches pmsl,i remember when we first bought ours yrs ago n then it went wrong andy was adamant the nxt 1 had 2 be bigger pmsl if it was up 2 them they would fill a whole wall as a tv screen lmao.cant believe u had a prob with the first 1,fingers x now this will work a treat without any probs,until marv puts his mr motivator fitness dvd on n makes it fall over like that guy in that advert pmsl

    tcfn babe xxx