Friday, 8 October 2010


Not agood day for me. I started feeling ill yesterday and its continued today. I feel sick and grumpy. Last nite I even left the club early because I felt so ill.

Work was quiet but ok but I feel so crappy. My back as been killing all day. When I have a few good days I forget how bad it can be. One day can be great but the next day it can be really bad. It affects not just me but those around me. I'm sorry Marvin xx He gets the brunt of it all I'm afraid. It upsets me knowing I do it but I can't help it. I'm hoping losing weight will help my back and they way how I feel about myself too.

I'm quite fed up with hearing about some peoples lifes. If a friend needs me then I'm there for them but I don't think its fair that its all one way. Some people treat others like crap and then moan when they start giving shit back. I really think some people need to get a grip. Theres more to life than that.

We have an action packed weekend planned. Hopefully it will be ok with how I'm feeling. Some good friends are due round tonite so excited about that. I'm hoping to relax at some point over the weekend. 

Well folks I hope you all have a good weekendxx



  1. sorry 2 hr your feeling ill again,it aint good,think there have been a few bugs going round lately,just unfortunate they all seem to like u so much :)

    its unfortunate with friends that most of the time u find they are only ever interested if its in their best interest,its unfair and it hurts the ones that r on the receiving end that they can just be treated badly when you always drop everything to be there for them,when u want them or need them they make excuses or just aint interested,until like u say the next time they need you.
    Ive been there before with a certain person, remember lol,i spent so many times beating myself up about it questioning what i did wrong and why they wanted 2 treat me that way.but it isnt our faults,proper friendship means nothing to them,so as much as it pisses you off(i still get annoyed at how i was treated)we just have to forget it and move on,those people are never gonna change,i swear they dont even realise they are doing it n they need a good kick up the arse! lol

    well done with the weight loss so far,thats fab,its depressing when you have lost weight b4 and then bang u back to square 1 again,im at that stage too,but im kinda lucky i can get up n do exercise(Even if i moan like hell over it pmsl)
    all us women should be able to accept ourselves and know we are beautiful the way we are without constantly worrying about how others see us,but i dont think that ever gonna happen is it heheheh

    i hope u enjoy ur wkend n have a brill time xx

  2. thanks Sue it means alot to me.

    I had come to the same conclusion over certain "friends" they are a waste of time.

    Once I'm up and about properly we'll have to try kick each other up the arse lol