Wednesday, 6 October 2010

good times and headaches

Good times & headaches

Had a good week so far. Weigh in went well, Works going well, got some flowers today and we went to get a new TV.

We got a lovely new tv 46 inch LED and a blu-ray player. So now Marv's busy putting everything together which leaves us with a 32 inch tv & stand in the way. The old tv is going up for sale to get rid. 

I was very surprised at weigh in, was worried about getting on the scales but did it and was shocked to see that I had lost 5 lbs yyyaaaayyyy. So full steam ahead this week to get that 2lbs off for my half stone mark. 

A friend had needed someone to listen to them and because  had been a friend they brought me a bunch of flowers round today. It was a lovely surprise.

Well the TVs up and running so off to enjoy it

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